Thoughts Become Things 

This is literally the best motto, mantra or saying you can live by. I’ve been recently trying to improve myself overall and practice being the best version possible and these words ‘thoughts become things’are really helping 😊 it is actually scientifically proven that having a positive attitude and mindset can improve your wellbeing and life because you are surrounding your mind with good thoughts and not allowing negativity to get to you. Many well known people actually lived by this and they are well known and famous today for there success. Throughout your day I challenge you to always remember ‘thoughts become things’ and see the amazing changes that take place in your life!! 

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Try not to stress about your current situation, just know that it is one of many things you will experience in life, try not to let it consume you and take over otherwise you’ll miss out on the good things.

How to deal with failure

Regardless of the situation at first it may seem like the worst thing ever and that there’s nothing you can do to fix or change the situation but just remember….there’s always light at the end of the tunnel 🙂

It doesn’t really matter specifically what has happened in your life as long as you stay hopeful, acknowledging and accepting what has happened will enable you to move on. This is the first stage of you becoming stronger within.

Here are some tips to help deal with failure:

1. Write down your feelings, thoughts and emotions.

2. Talk through the problems with someone.

3. Organise a plan to make things better.

4. Pray! Even if you are not religious you may have/feel a spiritual connection with the universe which will help ease the pain of your problems.

I really hope this helps if anyone is going through anything they wish they weren’t, life will always be full of obstacles and it’s how you decide to deal with them that determines your future

Feng Shui Tips To Raise Your Vibrations

I haven’t studied or researched a lot into feng shui and vibrations yet, but these basic tips will help you feel more free and present in your daily activities.

1. Spend time in nature

2. Clean, yourself and your surroundings?

3. Burn white sage which acts as a purifier

4. Play positive sounds and music to help clear the energy

5. Open the curtains and windows as the sunlight will clear away any unwanted energy

There are many other things you could do but I feel like these are the simplest to achieve everyday. Feng shui is a Chinese tradition based on the energy in a room determined by the layout of furniture?

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Monday Quotes


Don’t forget to SMILE, never take advantage of the amazing life that you live. Even when things seem really difficult just take time out and be grateful for the simple things.

Smile at yourself every morning in the mirror when you wake up and smile at a stranger too, you could make them happy!