iHerb Haul

I actually love this website, I must admit shipping fees to the UK are so expensive but the items are still worth it I suppose. So my items are quite random ranging from treats, skincare and snacks.

These are now one of my favourite boiled sweets!! There’s 4 different fruity flavours £1.62

This hot chocolate tasted so good but was a little sweet for me £1.62

These eye masks are nice and relaxing, slightly reducing puffy eyes but they don’t get rid of dark circles £1.55

Subtle sweet fruity taste £1.93

I didn’t enjoy these as much as I do normal sour worms, but I still ate them £1.69

These cheese puffs are so different to cheese puffs in the UK but they taste so so delicious 😋 £1.96


Comment below if you shop on iHerb!!!

Instagram: angelicaa_b 👈

Email: angelicab473@gmail.com 👈


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