Making Burritos 

It’s so nice to try different cultural foods or foods that are influenced by other countries, so bring on the burritos 🙌 I actually had a lot of fun making these. It’s great because the preparation is so quick and simple and the fillings can be whatever you fancy. 

This post won’t be like the usual recipes I do, it will be more of a chatty post with pictures. I used minced meat, sweetcorn, lettuce, carrot and the salsa sauce provided. It’s best to cook the meat first then you can prepare the other fillings in the meantime I warmed the wraps in the toaster and let the mince meat cool down slightly before making my burritos.

They tasted full of flavour and all the ingredients blended well together, I even had a little cheese too.

Instagram: angelicaa_b

This is the burrito kit

Lightly browning the meat

Frozen sweetcorn which I boiled

Added everything in the pan with the sauce provided

Putting it together

Salsa sauce on top



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