No posts for a week!!

Hey everyone, so recently things have been slightly hectic the past few week having my 2 neices and nephew live with us (I still live with my parents) I haven’t really had enough time to do baking or even general posts. Even though I mostly post twice each week I’m taking a break just for a week so I can get back on track, also I’m having issues with my phone and managed to loose a few of my draft posts 😦 which is so annoying however on the bright side at least I can put more effort into the other blog posts.

Being at university is definitely testing my academic abilities because these assignments are not as east as the first year, not to say they are difficult or hard but I just have to use more journals which aren’t that easy to read and understand. 

Regardless of the things going on there’s still great things to look forward to like my birthday and Christmas 🙂 🙂 I’m actually so excited for both!!! Literally just like a little kid.

Anyway I hope you’ve all had a fantastic week!

Insta: angelicaa_b


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