Making New Friends

Since I started university last year I feel like I’ve met so many new people and made lots of new friends separately from my course group. Being an ambassador I get the chance to work with such a variety of people that I wouldn’t usually be around, but it is so great. I feel like I am advertising why you should become an ambassador but I’m not, I’ve just made some really good friends through working and they are the type if friendships which will last long after university is over. This is very relatable to anyone’s life if your looking to meet new people or make new friends outside of education and work, definitely join a local club or something similar and I guarantee you will meet some great people 🙂 ❤

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3 thoughts on “Making New Friends

  1. nmaelinwa says:

    That is the beauty in it: meeting new people and making new friends. It helps us to diversify and not be restricted to only one thing. I like what you said. I hope you continue to meet new people. Have a nice evening

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