Mayonnaise on your hair??

It’s something I’m yet to try but I’ve heard so much great stuff about the benefits of mayonnaise for all hair types. It contains certain oils which help to moisturize and nourish each hair strand from within. Also considered to be great, especially for dry and damaged hair. The protein found in mayonnaise makes hair look fuller with a fantastic shine!!

       Mayonnaise Hair Treatment

– Use full fat mayo
– Dampen your hair using a spray bottle
– Part your hair into six sections
– Apply a generous amount to each section, starting from root to ends
– Give your head a good massage and leave for 20 minutes
– Afterwards rinse thoroughly with warm water (you can also shampoo afterwards but for a better effect leave to air dry and style 🙂 ❤

Let me know if your try this!
Insta: angelicaa_b


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