Organic Beauty Week 2016

I think this is pretty cool actually, a week dedicated to organic beauty 🙂 something that really interests me as I’m still mostly using organic products. It can be quite hard to know for certain if a product is truly organic however in the UK if it has the Soil Association symbol then you’ll know for certain that both the ingredients and methods used are of the correct standards. Of course you can always check the ingredients for those bad chemicals.

Use this link here:  to see a wide selection of products that are certified by the Soil Association as being organic and of high quality. One of the main reasons I prefer organic or natural products is because of the negative effect it can have on my health. Our entire body is the largest organ we have and we really should look after it because everything we put on our skin is absorbed into our body.

Every now and then you’ll read an article about a serious reaction someone has had from using a beauty product which you would have thought to be safe, so it just seems like a better idea to use kinder products.

Also do check out some of my previous posts on organic/natural beauty!!! ❤
Insta: angelicaa_b <3

Mostly: the product claims to be organic but I’m not entirely sure.


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