We all get Spots/Acne

It’s not your fault you have acne!

Maybe your skin just functions differently, you have larger pores which produce more oil. It’s not a problem your skin is just more sensitive to acne bacteria and hormonal fluctuations.

Be kind to your skin: stay away from  harsh products/cosmetics and aggressive techniques because they’re likely to cause inflammation. Be gentle and try to use less products that are organic or natural. Also don’t over exfoliate!!

If you ever find yourself thinking ‘I don’t like my skin’ quickly stop yourself because saying those words won’t help, find a good distraction or do something productive.
Be good to yourself, mind, body and soul. Exercise daily, get 7+ hours sleep, write down your thoughts and relax.

              Have a great day   😛 


2 thoughts on “We all get Spots/Acne

  1. pamelatropic says:

    I love this blog! Thank you!
    I hit the menopause and got acne! Nightmare! As if hot flushes wasn’t enough to worry about!
    I went vegetarian and joined Tropic Skincare as an Ambassador as their products are all toxin free and natural and I can honestly say that my acne has gone and my scars are fading. I am learning to love my skin again…
    And now I am going to try some of your recipes… nom nom nom!

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