Whiten Teeth Naturally…

Using only bicarbonate soda (baking soda) the properties of the powder is known to whiten teeth, more so remove stains from things like coffee and tobacco. Oil pulling is becoming increasingly popular and has been around for many years but let’s try something different.

– In a small cup, mix ½ tsp of baking powder with 1 tbsp of water to form a paste. Dip toothbrush into cup and cover all of the bristles.

– Brush teeth up and down for 1 minute, then spit out and rinse thoroughly with water. (The taste is quite strong but you’ll get used to it)

– Repeat this process every other day for 2 weeks. After this time only use the method once per week as the abrasive properties of the baking soda may damage the teeths enamel layers if used too often.

Comment below with other ways of whitening teeth naturally 🙂


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