Watch: A True Cost

De temps en temps I like watching documentaries, a few months ago I watched ‘a true cost’ and was informed on so many interesting things about how the economy is effected around some parts of the world from the obsessive culture of people buying and throwing away so many clothes. It definitely isn’t fair on the countries that have to suffer from bad pollution which directly effects their bodies too!

An insight into what I learned: Everyday in Kanpur more than 15 million litres of toxic waste water pours out of the pipes. The local environment is contaminated and the soil is contaminated. The only drinking source they have is ground water which is contaminated with chromium

Effects of contamination causes skin rashes, boils and even numbness in the limbs. Chromium attacks the liver and causes jaundice, creating digestive problems. The little money people make is used to treat these illnesses. 

The fashion industry today is the 2nd most polluting industry on the earth, second only to the oil industry. Even though the fashion industry uses a huge amount of natural resources it has a terrible environmental impact.

1950’s an industrial change: exponential growth and use of natural resources.

The economy is based on materialism, people feeling the need to constantly buy and throw things away. All the hard work gone into the making of the clothes isn’t appreciated the way it should be.

Many of the workers are in unsafe working conditions which sometimes lead to people dying during a work day. It’s not fair at all, people should always have great working conditions and should be treated fairly.

Consumers search for happiness in the consumption of buying things. In a way it is not only the consumers fault because companies trick us into thinking we need more things, through advertisements which is a type of propaganda!

If there is anything you think you could do to make a positive impact, do it because you never know whose life you’d be changing for the better. Though people live in bad conditions all over the world to know that as a consumer of clothes (sometimes cheap) I’m buying into a world of factory workers commonly of young women who work extremely long hours every day in hope that their children will live better lives.

I would really recommend watching this documentary even if you think your spending habits are good, you will learn more about the negative side of the fashion industry which is usually hidden and maybe even a few tips on how you can make a difference. 

                        ❤ ab ❤


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