Why do we get sad and emotional??

It’s crazy sometimes when your in a certain situation and things change, not necessarily for the worst but it’s just the change that really has an affect on your life. Why do we attach ourselves to people or memories that we know one day will change? And why is it always so hard to accept that change? I always feel like change (of any kind) is literally the worst thing in the world, especially in that moment when you know it will never be the same. Your mind goes on a whirl wind thinking back to all the great times that are now truly in the past and happiness seems so far away 😥

To be accepted by someone simply for who you are is one of the greatest things in the world that I will forever cherish and will always stay with me as a positive memory that it’s okay to be me 🙂

I do know that change is good because it shows progression and growth and your ability to challenge your mind and body in new surroundings!

Change is good and it will always be difficult you’ve just got to learn to deal with it (regardless of what is changing) and know that the future holds many more great experiences for you to endure!

                  Thanks A x


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