The Truth…

About Cancer.

You known when you watch something and you feel totally inspired to change the world?? That’s how I felt after watching The Truth About Cancer!! I really looked forward to the 9 docu-series every day and set time aside to watch the video’s and learn so much about our bodies that no one else would ever dare teach us. The episodes really express hope that anything is possible.

It was interesting to listen to the ‘survivor’ stories and get more of an insight into the pharmaceutical industry. Doctors are not taught about nutrition and only know to advise/cure someone with medicinal items like drugs and pills, to be honest it is not fault because it’s how they have been educated and they don’t know better. It’s crazy how the world is when you think about it, you try to live a healthier lifestyle but them something else comes along that causes your body harm.

I know that some people are skeptical to trying new things but I would definitely recommend buying or watching these videos because you will be aware of all the possibilities of curing cancer and you will really appreciate the commitment of everyone who took part. I realise I should have posted this earlier but do check out their website 🙂

I do enjoy watching documentaries these days because I am constantly learning new things and expanding my brain to lots of things I never new existed, it’s such a great feeling when you watch something and actually want to make positive changes in the world and that’s why I’m sharing it with you.


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