Review: Deep Cleansing Nose Strips

Sometimes I just need to give my skin that extra care and these deep cleansing nose strips are perfect. I have only been using them consistently once a week for the past couple of weeks but each time I use them my nose feels so much more free and unclogged of excessive ‘dirt’ and ‘natural oil’.

So I brought these from Holland and Barratts for £2.99 a box of six which is around 50p per strip, they do sell nose strips in most drug stores in the UK such as Bodycare, Superdrug and Boots at a range of prices.


Benefits to the nose:
– removes black heads
– strips away unnecessary dead skin
– cleans clogged pores


The nose strips come in a nice little box each wrapped individually inside with instructions on the box and on each packet which are easy to follow and you only need 10-15 minutes to dry.


There are other DIY homemade remedies to make yourself usually consisting of egg whites but using these strips are a little more time effective.

*Obviously do be cautious if you have any skin conditions or sensitivity around your nose area and when peeling off use water if it becomes too painful*

I would really recommend buying nose strips because they’ll make your nose feel so much softer and happier ❤


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