Review: dr. Organic lip balm

Hi guys 🙂 this is my first review of my current favourite lip balm which I absolutely love and it’s also a staple for the winter.


I brought them both from Holland and Barratts for £3.49 to be honest I think the price is okay, maybe a tad pricey but the ingredients are supposed to be natural. (Also instead of the twisty part being at the bottom it’s at the top, which means it’s less likely to get stuck if you open it too much)


They have such a beautiful scent which is not too overpowering, the Vitamin E reminds me of vanilla and the Virgin Olive Oil has a light olivey smell. These lip balms are both so moisturizing I can use it in the morning and it can last for hours and hours, I feel like they are absorbed into my lips slowly which keeps them super soft.

I usually put one in my bag and leave the other at home so I can top up wherever I am.

Thank you for reading 😀 leave any comments below.

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