Officially Finished Semester 1!!

It seems as though I only started university a little while ago but the first semester is officially finished, I’ve learnt so much over the past few months and put a lot of hard work into my assignments, even though I didn’t think I was retaining the information it has actually sunk in and I realise this when reading over my notes.

I’m so glad to have a few weeks off for the Christmas holidays but there’s also an exam to revise for. When your at university I feel like the learning never stops and I love being educated every day.


Never-ending Revision and Assignments!

Even though I have revision and an assignment to complete I still want to enjoy myself, so…… it’s all about having good balance:

1. do a little each day
2. still have fun
3. eat good food  🙂


I made my own beef burgers earlier in the week with kale and a little BBQ sauce, it was delicious!



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