Review: dr. Organic lip balm

Hi guys 🙂 this is my first review of my current favourite lip balm which I absolutely love and it’s also a staple for the winter.


I brought them both from Holland and Barratts for £3.49 to be honest I think the price is okay, maybe a tad pricey but the ingredients are supposed to be natural. (Also instead of the twisty part being at the bottom it’s at the top, which means it’s less likely to get stuck if you open it too much)


They have such a beautiful scent which is not too overpowering, the Vitamin E reminds me of vanilla and the Virgin Olive Oil has a light olivey smell. These lip balms are both so moisturizing I can use it in the morning and it can last for hours and hours, I feel like they are absorbed into my lips slowly which keeps them super soft.

I usually put one in my bag and leave the other at home so I can top up wherever I am.

Thank you for reading 😀 leave any comments below.

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My Beauty Interests

Hi everyone 🙂 so this is more of an introductory post to my beauty interests that I thought I’d share with you, I’ll try to do a review/favourites post each week to give an idea on what I use and where to get them from!!

Okay for just over a year I’ve been using mostly organic/natural products, this includes items like: makeup, nail varnish, toothpaste, soap, deodorant, hair stuff etc I watched a video by Heather White (which I’ve previously mentioned in a post) which basically changed my opinions on the products I use.

I can’t lie sometimes I feel like I spend a ridiculous amount of money on makeup and I just want to go to a regular drug store and buy something much more affordable but I hope my body appreciates it and I just want to put only the best on my skin.

‘Always remember that your skin is the largest organ on your body and it absorbs EVERYTHING’

There are certain chemicals (ingredients) that I would definitely recommend to avoid because they will have negative effects on your body when overly used, probably not some crazy noticeable however you do hear about bad reactions to hair dye and make up in the newspaper.

Try to avoid:
– fragrance or parfum
– PEG and polyethylene
– ceteareth
– DMDM hydantoin
– diazolidinyl
– imidazolidinyl urea

Fragrance can contain 100s of chemicals and trigger allergic reactions, whilst the others can have harmful contaminants.

On a lighter note, I hope you all have a very Merry Christmas and thank you for reading 😀

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Rejection Equals Protection

Rejection will always be apart of your life, learn to handle it with grace, ego still intact and off you go confidently!!

First of all life stays the same: in that moment nothing really changes when you are rejected, it is the ego that gets offended.

Secondly rejection is protection: whenever you hear the word ‘no’ just remember your being protected and that the universe is aligning a greater plan.

Thirdly say this mantra ‘it’s this or something better’: the best thing about life is knowing that the right thing is on it’s way at the right time.

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Officially Finished Semester 1!!

It seems as though I only started university a little while ago but the first semester is officially finished, I’ve learnt so much over the past few months and put a lot of hard work into my assignments, even though I didn’t think I was retaining the information it has actually sunk in and I realise this when reading over my notes.

I’m so glad to have a few weeks off for the Christmas holidays but there’s also an exam to revise for. When your at university I feel like the learning never stops and I love being educated every day.


Never-ending Revision and Assignments!

Even though I have revision and an assignment to complete I still want to enjoy myself, so…… it’s all about having good balance:

1. do a little each day
2. still have fun
3. eat good food  🙂


I made my own beef burgers earlier in the week with kale and a little BBQ sauce, it was delicious!



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Mini Biscuit Bites

I feel like getting into the Christmas spirit and baking loads of festive goodies 🙂 these biscuit bites are a small recipe making them perfect to bring round for Christmas dinner parties!!


105g plain flour
3 tbsp soft brown sugar
3 tbsp oats
Pinch of sea salt
90g butter (at room temperature)
3 tsp cold milk
1/2 tsp vanilla extract
Mixed chopped nuts

1. Put all the dry ingredients into a bowl and combine.


2. Mix in the butter using a wooden spoon until it resembles mini chucks then add the milk and vanilla extract.


3. Mix in until becomes a smooth dough, use a teaspoon to place mini balls onto the prepared baking tray and sprinkle with chopped nuts.



4. Bake for 20 minutes until golden brown on top.

These biscuits bites taste so so good, they almost melt in the mouth!! Recipe makes 12.



Recipe adjusted from:

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Feng Shui Tips To Raise Your Vibrations

I haven’t studied or researched a lot into feng shui and vibrations yet, but these basic tips will help you feel more free and present in your daily activities.

1. Spend time in nature

2. Clean, yourself and your surroundings?

3. Burn white sage which acts as a purifier

4. Play positive sounds and music to help clear the energy

5. Open the curtains and windows as the sunlight will clear away any unwanted energy

There are many other things you could do but I feel like these are the simplest to achieve everyday. Feng shui is a Chinese tradition based on the energy in a room determined by the layout of furniture?

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It’s My Birthday!

I can’t believe I am 21 today 🙂 when I was younger I never realised the importance of celebrating a birthday showing gratitude to the universe for living another year. I feel like it’s so so easy to take advantage of my life (especially with all the crazy things happening in the world) but as I get older I am more aware of how delicate and special my life is. I’m not one to be the centre of attention but generally to be in the presence of someone who just accepts you for who you are is the most amazing thing and I am very grateful for that.


Here’s to a great day and many more birthdays!

Also thank you to all of my followers, all of the views and likes….. much appreciated

Monday Quotes


I just think it’s really important to be yourself and do you, this is actually something I got from Tamera (in sister sister) every time I hear her say it the words resonate with me 🙂

People won’t always accept you for who you are but the best thing you can do is to be YOURSELF!