It’s August Already

For me a new month always means time to set myself new targets that I can continue to do on a daily basis. Recently I’ve done specific fitness workouts such as abs, arms and butt. Now I absolutely love working out during the day rather than sitting around wasting time.

I kind of feel that spirituality my body is down so I really want to focus on my inner body and I will try to do at least 5-10 mins of meditation everyday. Earlier in the year I would meditate every morning and it made such a great difference to my day but as I started working more hours I slowly drifted from my morning meditations.

I also want to learn more about crystals/stones and their healing benefits. I brought a book about it a few months ago but never got round to reading it.

Happy August everyone, I’m feeling super positive about this month and I feel like some really great things are about to happen!

Does anyone have any targets they wish to achieve this month? Do share in the comments 🙂

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