Why do I always find it so hard to buy natural or organic make up?

In the month of September 2014 I watched a video by Heather White about cosmetics and body products then decided I would throw away everything I was using and then slowly buy back products that were either organic or natural. It was a very long and costly process which I would not recommend.

Purchasing things like shampoo, conditioner, soap, oil and deodorants are fairly easy because there seems to be a wide variety of options available in the UK, however when it comes to make up its such a struggle and there are very few brands that I trust and love 100% which are:
– PHB Ethical Beauty
– Honeybee Gardens (a US brand)
– Lily Lolo

Does anyone know of any other UK cosmetic brands that are organic?

The hardest thing to buy is probably liquid concealer as most companies never have my skin tone. Sometimes I wish I didn’t bother with make up because I know it’s no good for my (already beautiful) skin but I love ‘decorating’ my face too much at the moment.

Comment below 🙂

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Havana Salsa

Hey everyone,
So today I started my first beginner’s salsa lesson and it was really good. I was a little nervous about it because I’d never done salsa dancing before however, once I got into the room and started the warm up I felt fine and was more excited.

It feels so good to be doing something for myself that’s fun and separate from work, family and friends etc…

If anyone out there is thinking about joining a dance lesson or any club I would say ‘go for it’ you’ll have so much fun that you won’t want the lesson to end!

Anyway I hope you all had a great weekend  🙂

                         Ab x.

Carrot, Lettuce and Watercress Salad

Every time dinner is getting cooked someone is always preparing a nice salad to go with it. Salad is so important as part of maintaining a healthy balanced diet. Also it’s super tasty and brightens up any meal 🙂


4 cherry tomatoes
1 pack of watercress
1/2 lettuce, shredded
1 carrot, grated

A very simple healthy salad!

Be Your Own Best Friend

Learn to have a kinder, more loving and supportive relationship with yourself!

1. Say attractive things about yourself out loud.
e.g your natural hair looks fabulous today.

2. Treat yourself every now and then.

3. Give up the bad habits and show yourself some tough love.

4. Finally sort out the annoying things that distract you.
e.g make a list of all the things you REALLY need to do and do them.

Yourself x

Maple Cookie Bars

It was my first time baking something without flour and eggs so I was really excited to see how they would turn out and if stay together properly. To my surprise they turned out great and didn’t break apart.

This recipe will be a delight to anyone, it’s different kind of like a mix between flapjacks and cookies but much better.

113g butter
1 pack of digestive biscuits crumbled (as if you were making a cheesecake)
152g chocolate chips
98g dedicated coconut
128g mixed chopped nuts
170g maple syrup

1. Preheat the oven to gas mark 4 and line a baking tray with parchment paper.

2. Melt butter and 1/2 the chocolate in a pan.

3. Mix together all the dry ingredients in a bowl, then add the melted butter mix and maple syrup and combine.

4. Place mixture onto prepared baking tray and press down neatly.

5. Bake in the oven for 25-30 mins and then leave them to cool slightly before cutting into bars.


This recipe should make at least 16 bars, so you definitely have enough to share with friends and family 🙂


My parents really enjoyed them which was good. The maple cookie bars tasted delicious and were soft with a little crunch from the nuts!

The Most Basic Biscuits

I love using this recipe for a quick and easy fix of something sweet to eat. Rather than going to the shop to buy snacks I just bake these instead.

125g softened butter
150g caster sugar
1 egg at room temperature
150g plain flour
1/2 tsp baking powder
Pinch of salt

1. Preheat oven to 190°c and prepare parchment paper onto two baking trays.

2. Put all ingredients into a bowl and beat together until well blended.

3. Spoon large tablespoons of half the mixture onto one baking tray. (add a large teaspoon of cocoa powder to the rest of the mixture if you want chocolate flavoured biscuits.

4. Place in the oven for 15 mins.

5. Allow to cool slightly before lifting onto a wire rack to cool completely.


See, a simple recipe for anyone to try. They tasted light and were baked soft to the bite. Also a good balance of ingredients so they didn’t taste too sweet.


                Basic Biscuits x

Celebrations with Family

Yesterday I was invited to a family event celebrating the many happy years of my grand uncle’s marriage. It’s great being surrounded by family because there’s always a sense of comfort.


Sun was SHINING!!

The weather was still nice and warm so I opted for a black crop top, long skirt and minimal accessories.


Textured black crop top: from Select

I didn’t get the chance to take many pictures so I thought I’d share my outfit 🙂


Long patterned skirt: from BHS

Sweet Summer Smoothie

Such lovely warm weather we had in the UK today and the most refreshing thing to help me cool down is a sweet smoothie 🙂


Try freezing your fruits for a slush effect.

I got a few ingredients together after a long day at work and took them to the blender. I prefer just using only fruits when I make my smoothie to get the best nutrients and vitamins I can.


It’s so simple and quick to prepare even if your super tired, your body will really appreciate it.


Hope you all had a fab day with this beautiful weather and treat yourself to a delicious smoothie.


* I only used 1/2 a banana and it was still really sweet.