Fish and Potatoe Pie

I can still remember how delicious this tasted just from looking at the photo. I remember sitting on the sofa with my sister complaining about how hot the temperature of the food was even though it had just come out from the oven.


This is a simple meal to feed everyone’s taste buds in the family!
Ingredients I’ve used:
– mashed potatoes
– bechamel sauce
– fish ( I don’t remember what type I had so I’ll say hake )
– grated cheese


Bringing the dish together:
– The fish can now be mixed in with the sauce and poured over the bottom of the dish.

– Then spread a layer of the mash evenly over the top with a palette knife. To create the line effect I scraped a fork over the top and finally sprinkle with cheese.

– Place in the oven until golden brown and prepare some salad too, I choose lettuce and carrots.


        Hope you enjoy this! 🙂

Healthy Fruit Snack

Just thought I would do a quick post on healthy fruit snacks as throughout the day I get hungry and rather than eating junk food, a much better option would be fruit!

Here I have summer berries with chopped oranges and kiwis…


– kiwis are a great source of vitamin K and C. They are a great of fiber too which can help to prevent constipation.

– summer berries may be small in size but have many health benefits, their like low calorie treats packed with fiber and chronic disease fighting antioxidants.

– oranges are a great source of vitamin C which helps boost the immune system. Oranges promote healthy, clear skin and are full of useful nutrients that our bodies need.


Charity Shop Bargain

I always love a good bargain whenever I’m buying stuff so when I was in Cardiff I popped into a little charity shop and found this gorgeous bag.


The colour is a mixture of brown and black with animal print over most of the bag, it’s got little black straps and lovely detailing around the clasp that fits onto the bag.


The straps are also removable so it can be worn as a clutch. I really can’t believe I only paid £3.50 for this lovely bag, it looks much more valuable but that’s one of the good thing’s about buying from charity shops.


I usually shop online or from common high street stores but it’s nice to purchase something that goes to a good cause and I’m so excited to start wearing it!


Has anyone brought anything fabulous from a charity shop recently?

I went to Cardiff for the day.

I haven’t travelled out of my home town for a while, so I thought it was nice to spend the day in Cardiff with my family. The weather was lovely and warm plus we had a great time wondering around seeing the views of Cardiff Bay.


I don’t usually write about my outfits but I thought I would do something a little different away from food 🙂



Silver heart necklace, black strap watch, feather earrings and a ring


Brown cardigan, red top and a navy maxi skirt

This outfit was a great choice because I got the breeze flowing through my skirt and my cardi kept me warm in the shade. My jewellery was simple for a casual day out and I was very comfortable on the coach which was necessary for a 2hr+ journey.

Where have you travelled to recently?
Comments below…


Orange and Summer Berry Slush

I think it’s really beautiful when you capture food in such a way that almost like you can taste the food or fruit in this case because it looks that good!


I’ve used;
– 2 oranges juiced
– a handful of summer berries

When the weather is warm I like to cool myself down by making myself an orange and summer berries slush.


I use frozen berries so that it’s nice and cold along with a juiced orange to help blend it all together. This slush is quick and simple to make, tastes delicious and the colour is so pretty.


Comment below your favourite slush or smoothie recipes for summer 🙂


Steak, broccoli and potatoe circles

Dinner time is not only about eating food it’s also about family time and getting the chance to connect and bond with them over a home cooked meal. I love when I have a healthy balance of food portions on my plate, a chunk of broccoli, oven roasted steak and potato circles.


I think it’s quite hard these days where technology is everywhere and often distracting, so if at least twice per week switch off all electronics, get everyone around the table and enjoy your dinner!

° Being mindful whilst eating is a great way to truly appreciate where your food has come from and the people that helped to prepare and cook it 🙂

Chicken, potatoe chips and green beans

For me dinner time is the best meal of the day and I always look forward to it because you get to eat as much food as you desire.


Here I have a delicious meal of homemade potato chips green beans and roasted chicken. In my opinion I would say its very healthy and can be eaten by anyone even if your on a diet. Meal times are so important and if you don’t enjoy what you eat you’ll always end up eating more. So why not treat your to a healthy dinner packed with nutritious value that you’re actually like eating 🙂

Cakes Cakes Cakes!

These cakes are from the year of 2013 when I thought I was good at decorating cakes. I would use simple techniques to create these personally designed birthday cakes.

chocolat cake avec melted milkybar et m&ms

I almost forgot that I made these but I came across them a few days ago when I was looking at old food pictures on my laptop. I used to have so much baking cakes but I haven’t really made any desserts recently so I thought I would share these…

chocolate covered cake topped with smartiesPhoto0197

As you can tell I absolutely do love chocolate and I used it quite often when decorating, I just like keeping things simple using Chocolate Buttons, M&Ms and Smarties 🙂

Marbled chocolate button cake

Blueberry Cupcakes

Finally after so many years I made some blueberry cupcakes. I’ve been cooking a lot of main meals lately and I wanted to do some baking as that’s where my true love of food started.


As a kid I always remember wanting to make blueberry cupcakes after reading a recipe in a magazine. I don’t know why but I thought they would be something so amazing, however my parents never brought the blueberries so I didn’t get the chance to make them, until now!
I came across another recipe and thought ‘I’m definitely baking these’.


I hadn’t tasted a blueberry before until recently and in my opinion they have a texture similar to grapes with an extra zing of flavour 🙂 they were okay but not on the top list of my favourite fruits.


I was pleasantly surprised with them, super easy to make with extra sweetness from the berries. I love the strong potent purple colour that oozes around the remains of the berries and spreads around the cupcakes like dye.


I will definitely make these again but maybe I’ll blend the berries or use dried ones to make it a little different.

I Love Pizza

I definitely think that one of my favourite foods would be pizza, especially when it’s homemade. I like to make pizza every now and then and it’s always so enjoyable. I’ll use a variety of different toppings but nothing too exotic as I like my food simple.

Pizza consists of 2 easy elements the dough and the toppings, so there’s no reason not to make it.

I use a dough recipe from one of my favourite books.


I always remember the first time I made it and I was so nervous thinking the dough wouldn’t rise but it actually turned out perfect and everyone enjoyed it. Since then I’ve made it many times always using this pizza dough recipe.

– 500g plain flour
– 300ml warm water
– 2 tbsp oil
– 2 tsp yeast
– 1tsp salt
I don’t bother with the salt though. This recipe will give you 2 large pizzas.

Making pizza is so much fun no matter what your age is. I find kneading the dough so relaxing and therapeutic and then you get to prepare whatever toppings you desire and cover it with cheese, place it in the oven until the edges are golden then everyone can enjoy 😀


You can’t really tell from the pictures but I’ve used leftover chicken, ham, sweetcorn and salami for the toppings. Some would call this a meat feast.


Don’t worry if you don’t finish it because it tastes great the next day.