3 Fruit Salad

I feel like it can be quite hard getting your 5-a-day of fruits and vegetables daily, so I thought… why not have a fruit salad which is simple and quick to make using 3 of your favourite fruits.


Its best to go with something you can juice, so I’ve used an Orange along with an Apple and a Pear which have both been cored and chopped into bite sized chunks. I also left the skin on because it looks more colourful and adds extra texture when eating.


Then you just place the fruit in a bowl and pour the juice over the top, Simple 🙂


You could also try:
Grapefruit juiced with mango and peach
– water diluted lemon juice with pineapple and strawberries

° If your hosting a dinner party you could garnish the top with a sprig of mint or a sprinkle of pine nut seeds for sophistication.


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