3 Fruit Salad

I feel like it can be quite hard getting your 5-a-day of fruits and vegetables daily, so I thought… why not have a fruit salad which is simple and quick to make using 3 of your favourite fruits.


Its best to go with something you can juice, so I’ve used an Orange along with an Apple and a Pear which have both been cored and chopped into bite sized chunks. I also left the skin on because it looks more colourful and adds extra texture when eating.


Then you just place the fruit in a bowl and pour the juice over the top, Simple 🙂


You could also try:
Grapefruit juiced with mango and peach
– water diluted lemon juice with pineapple and strawberries

° If your hosting a dinner party you could garnish the top with a sprig of mint or a sprinkle of pine nut seeds for sophistication.


Breakfast Lunch or Dinner

I love this meal because it’s so versatile and you can literally eat it at any time of the day. It’s simple yet very tasty and filling therefore keeping you full for a long while after eating.

Ingredients I used:
– 2 slices of brown bread toasted
– 1 egg
– baked beans
– 1/2 plantain

There’s lots of different flavours going on you get the sweetness from the plantain, savoury from the beans and salty from the egg.


I like to cut my plantain into circles and fry until golden on each side, with my egg I always crack it into a bowl first add a little salt and pepper then whisk lightly before pouring into a frying pan. I didn’t butter my toast because I’ve already got 2 of the foods which are fried.

Even though this dish is quite healthy for and even healthier alternative I would suggest having a boiled egg and simmering the plantain with the skin on for 15mins.

Saltfish Fritters

I always remember my mum making saltfish fritters for dinner when I was much younger, it’s so cool now making them myself and they taste just as good.

The ingredients for fritters are very basic;
– self raising flour
– salt fish
– spring onions
It’s something easy to make especially if you don’t have a lot of food at home it’s like a super runny dumpling mixture and should fall straight off the spoon.I’ve added a bit of salad and sliced potatoe circles to make the dish more filling, its good to eat a variety of food in one dish because it means your body can get a great selection of nutrients.


They should be fried in hot oil for best results either in a frying pan or deep dutch pot. (A fryer works well too if you have one) I like to place them in the oven on a low heat once cooked to keep them warm.


They do take up a lot of oil so don’t eat to often 😛

Smart Chicken Salad

I used the leftover chicken filling from the empanadas to make a quick healthy salad.


I’ve used my favourite salad lettuce which I shredded along with grated radish for extra flavour. Mixed together to create a wonderful salad dish perfect to eat alone or part of another dish like I did. There are lots of different colours and textures going on in this bowl however you could make a salad dressing for even more flavour.


It’s always a great idea to add healthy options to your meals to maintain a balanced diet.

My first post.

I’ve wanted to start blogging for a while now and finally decided today is the day!

Okay so I was really excited to make these empanadas which are simular to patties but the filling is a little different. I also decided to make them round, the pastry was light and flaky whilst the filling was full of Argentinean flavour along with peas and sweetcorn. firstblogpost foodblog




A great meal to be enjoyed by all the family 🙂